So like I was discussing this & that w/my BFF, Horsie, @ the Ranch just the other day.  Although we do not speak the same language, we did reach agreement, nonetheless.  CA is hot & dry, broke & dysfuctional.  Watch our debate on the video attachment.
CA is so hot & so dry, Sarah Palin couldn’t fulfill a speaking engagement @ the Reagan Library.  My SoCA cuzzins, the RockPac, are crestfallen to report but it is thus.  It’s so hot Palin couldn’t parade family members as props for Political Theater.  So she Facebooked instead.  Now that’s hot.
It’s so hot, our newly elected Mayor has decided now is the perfect time for political power grab.  He proposes:( Concentrate Command & Control of my City right on his desk.  Good idea, Mr. Mayor.  But you’re not Dave.
Mr. Mayor, I know that you were otherwise occupied getting your NBA early in your career.  So you probly didn’t have time to study lines of authority, flow charts & graphs,  Goals & Objectives, Mission Statements, the organizational structure of our city . . . which you promised to renew & reform.  Much like the Govenator promised our state . . . but that’s neither here nor there @ this point.
You probly mighta been distracted during Poli Sci 101.  You might had other priorities than  Civics or History during your education cause they’re well . . . dull & boring.  Who needs it?   & That’s OK.  But let me be honest here, Mr. Mayor.  You seem to know as much about the role of the Mayor in our city as W did about the power & position of President.  Just look how well Leadership with a misplaced sense of power & authority & no sense of checks & balances has worked for the country.  Be careful what you wish for Mr. Mayor. 
& it’s so hot CA Lawmakers’ brains musta boiled in our Capital building.  Cause State Lawmakers are suing the Govenator for abuse of power.  Wake up Lawmakers.  CA can’t afford the luxury of political grandstanding, public food fights or ideological battles.  The state is outta money.  We’re outta time.  We’re outta credit & on borrowed time.  &, it would seem, we’re outta innovation & ideas too if THAT’S the best you can do.  Swap lawsuits which won’t be decided in anyone’s lifetime.  Good job, Lawmakers & Lawyers. 
CA Lawmakers up & down the state swoon in Narcissism & grandstand for power while the whole state circles the drain & the real issue no one notices is drought.  Which if it gets much hotter & drier here in my state, we’ll all have to abandon, leaving our high priced real estate in the dust cause we already drained the swamp. 
I know. I know.  Horsie & me, we’re just critters.  Irrelevant in the Larger Scheme of Things . . . we’re just sayin’ . . .
OpalK9 OTJ
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