Dear Opalk9:  Hello from So. Cal. and warm weather. We need a good ratter since Rocky and Rebbie are too busy chasing me to catch the rats that have been eating our tomatoes. We do have a good time playing fetch in the backyard and no biting. Otherwise, all is about the same at work but Sarah backed out and will not be in Simi at the Reagan Library. We are crestfallen.

Do you follow Doonesbury? Lately, C Street has been in the strip not to their credit. Those jerks are unbelievable and should all be voted out of office. They are no better than the Taliban. Oh well. Best wishes and good times with the squirrels. The RockPac

Dear RockPac:  We’re sure the Reagan Library is crestfallen also.  This has not caused Palin to cease using her family as props in her on-going political theater.  We don’t follow Doonesbury but quite agree w/you re: C St Gangstas.  John Boehner is the new Joe McCarthy.  Hot

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