Some of you, my BFFs, may be wondering . . . Has OpalK9 gone all obsessive on us?  Is OpalK9 neglecting other responsibilities while bloggin’ VisaVee:  Health Care &  Press Conferences & C Street Gangstas & the like?
I assure you such is not the case.  Why only last week, we caught up with Rose & Scout.  Mymi & Rose discussed this & that, mortgage modifications & elder care & the state of the State.  Rose says SoCA is hot, dry & broke just like here.  So it’s time to move her dam nearby.  We said GrandSire likes his Pond just fine.  We’re here to help.  Scout’s OK with the additional responsibility.  Scout’s determined to do her very best.
Of course, we continue our mission, retrieving trash, litter & waste wherever we find it.  Just the other day, the last Last Park Worker thanked us for pitching in.  It’s the least we can do in these perilous times of buzzillion $ budget deficits & critical cash crunches. 
We continue to visit GrandSire pretty much daily.  He no longer digests a steady diet of FOXNewshounds, Pundits & Savants.  We can thank God & Great Todo for small favors.  We assist GrandSire to sort out politics & movin’ pitchers, sinnin’ & socks.  He says John Dillinger, Public Enemy #1 @ the time of his matriculation from public education back in the day, did not hold a candle to squirrelous scoundrels the likes of Bernie Madoff.  Dillinger hurt & destroyed far fewer lives & futures than Madoff & Lay, AIG & Citi.  GrandSire has come to think it’s high time for health care reform.  We quite agree, GrandSire.
LoganHuskie is the newcomer to our neighborhood.  Logan’s markings are clearly defined in black & white.  With Paul Newman blue eyes, Logan’s quite distinguished. 
Logan ran across the street to greet us as we passed through the park.  Clearly Logan is in need of adult supervision.  So I challenged LoganHuskie to a herding contest.  I drove Logan toward Mymi so that Logan’s poppy could put a collar on Logan.  He apologized for Logan’s puppyish immaturity.  We said that’s OK.  Logan’s Poppy gathered all 60 lbs of Logan in his arms & whisked Logan home again . . . where he belongs. 
So as you can see, I remain mindful of my responsibilities.  I can blog & walk @ the same time.
OpalK9 OTJ
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