It is refreshing, indeed, in this age of buzzillion dollar budget deficits, white collar crime, credit cards swindling, insurance companies frauding us & healthcare for sale to only the most entitled to see Americans become excited silly upon learning that the old paintings in the attic are actually Grandma Moses originals.  Or that Family Heirloom that’s required dusting these many years as it is handed down through generations is actually a bit of American History.  It’s fun to see the delight in their eyes, the joy in their reaction when they learn that old junk is actually valuable.  When they learn Uncle U was actually Ulysses S Grant & that his letter accepting the nomination for President is worth more than they ever imagined.  From a few hundred to many thousands Americans seem delighted to learn they possess a treasure.  Most Antiques Roadshowers intend to keep their treasures not sell to the highest bidder.  Could it be that Antiques Roadshow is a better indicator of Consumer Confidence that the daily DJIA?  Could it be that Antiques Roadshow reflects the mood of most Americans better than the nightly mumbo-jumbo about polling numbers.  Could it be that Antiques Roadshow is better box-office that the Week-End Box Office Sweepstakes?  Just a thought.  I’m just saying . . . OpalK9 OTJ
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