Looks like it’s just you & me girlfriend.  Twittering ourselves on a Saturday nite.  If the fine family of NBC Infauxtainment really wanted to inform the public, they would put your show on on slow news nights instead of going all obsessive about Gates-Gate or or fanning the flames of the Birthers.  In fact, if they really wanted to offer the public objective financial advice they would give you more face time than that twit, Jim Cramer, who is so famously wrong all the time & shown the error of his ways so humerously by none other than John Stewart, a comedian.  Or that other miscre-ant, Rick Whatever, shown expressing rather uncharitable sentiments on TV.  Good Job Girlfriend.  Loved what you said to Travis, Kelly & Gretchen.  Tho Gretchen (she was the gf?) should have her head examined instead of her credit card.  Like your definition of family & priorities.  OpalK9 OTJ
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