Dear Mr Pres Bama:
We here @ Todo Chronicles want to congratulate you on your recent White House Press Conference.  We thought you did a heackofa job of answering questions re: a complex issue like Healthcare Reform.  Healthcare is close to the hearts of the Heartland.
Oh sure.  A few technicolor flow charts & HD pie graphs mighta made the subect matter pop & sizzle more.  Perhaps you coulda offered more pill color options.  You mighta wanted to trot out your nominee for Surgeon General – a real small town family practitioner.  Woulda given it gravitas.
Considering the whole conference was unscripted, you demonstrated a thorough mastery of the subject matter.  And considering each & every question was a gotcha question, you held your own.  It was a clear case of journalistic objectivity & excellence that my colleagues in the media refrained from delving into such non-relevant issues as:
     gay marriage;
     family planning, pro life/choice;
     evolution &
     birth certificates.
Historically speaking, tho, the issue of healthcare is pretty much on track with other reformation legislation.  It took 90 yrs, give or take, to free the slaves.  Another 90 years to fully enfranchise descendants of slaves.  Took roughly 145 yrs to give women the vote.  Yep.  Pretty much on track.
I know. I know.  I’m just a dog soldier in the human race.  Not a fully vested citizen.  It just seems, from myspace here on the floor, that such Congressional pursuit of excellence, & passion for perfection, such focus on getting it right the first time out of the gate coulda been applied to other policy issues such as:
    financial deregulation;
    airline deregulation & transportation policy;
    Iraq War;
    Energy & Climate Change;
    Digital Revolution & well just that whole
    Military/Industrial Complex thingy.
We coulda done better with some of that stuff.  Americans are @ their best united in great enterprise & minding our own business.
Yr Friend & Dog Soldier in Journalism,
OpalK9 OTJ
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