RE: Spotlight, CA Budget Crisis. CA Constitution has been amended 590 times in 160 years. Any document with that many amendments is unworkable on its face. There are 58 counties, 100s of cities with codes & regulations, special districts, oversight agencies, state govt & federal bureaucracy. In addition, propositions are always written by special interest groups with an ax to grind. Back before Prop 13, special interest groups hijacked a local scandel & made it a statewide with emotional rhetoric like: taxes are going to drive seniors out of their homes. CA throwing seniors into the gutter. Blah. Blah. Blah. Thus was Prop 13 passed. Only the very rich who pass estate land down through generations have benefited from Prop 13. CA is dysfunctional & swooning in narcisicm. Now would be a really good time for a Constitutional Convention to reorganize CA & give this state direction for the 21st century.
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