Dear Govenator Greenjeans:
I know you’re real busy right now doing your job, solving CA’s budget woes & leading the state into the 21st century.  In spite of recalcitrant legislators, petty bureaucrats & lowly Low Level Bean Counters.  But I know a thing or 2 about digging holes & IMO you’re in a great big hole right now.  We all are.
Here’s a suggestion from yr twitter friend, ok9otj, K9 @ Large & Journalist Extraordinaire:  Why don’tcha make it mandatory that all banks doing business in the state of CA honor all state IOUs while you sort out the budget mess.  Then employees & local jurisdictions, businesses large & small could get on with business while lawmakers & decision makers pursue the Perpetual Food fight over fiscal ideologies & who’s to blame for what.
1st of all, big banks like BofA & Wells Fargo got started right here in CA.  Payback’s a bee-yatch.  2nd of all, CA citizens & taxpayers, voters & workers helped bail out banks when they were in danger of collapse due to bad judgment & poor business decisions.  Are we all in this together or what?.
Californians, like Americans everywhere, are @ their finest when united in great enterprise & minding our own business.
I know I’m just a dog . . . I’m just sayin . . .
OpalK9 OTJ
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