Scrutinizing the internet.  Searching posting & comments.  & I must admit, I Twittered all over, myself.  Permitted myself to become distracted & unfocused.  Forgot my purpose.  Briefly.
Was beginning to think I didn’t hear what I heard on GrandSire’s TV machine.  So I linked to www.whitehouse.gov.  & there it was.  America’s own Green Revolution
We heard, the other night on TV, that they are considering decriminalizing Evolution.  1 small step for Man.  1 giant leap of faith.  Who took Evolution out of Revolution anyway?
This announcement, which takes effect in 2012, includes major changes to energy conservation standards for household and commercial lighting. It mainly focuses on General Service Fluorescent Lamps, commonly found in residential and commercial builds, and Incandescent Reflector Lamps, commonly found in recessed and track lighting.
So we, here @ Todo Chronicles, still don’t know whatcha callit when the President announces several innovative actions that will promote energy efficiency while saving Americans billions of dollars annually.  But we, here @ Todo Chronicles, call 2012 Too Late.
CAs got all this stuff already.  Why wait til 2012?  Why reinvent the wheel?  In addition, CA has an Emissions Cap & Trade Program for Smog Forming Emissions.  Which would be a good fit & easy model for a Carbon Emissions Cap & Trade Program.  Use CA’s model.  CA can take the credit & the $ to upgrade our infrastructure, residences & businesses.  We’ll even change the light bulbs.  Make it in MI.  Cap it in CA. 
OpalK9 OTJ

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