Ooooh.  Doggies.  Didn’t see that comin’.  Did you?
We thought for sure Lil Kim would make the semi-finals.  But the audience voted her off.  Kapoot.  She’s OOH.  Ty remains . . . the Lonesome Cowboy.  He probly wouldn’t seem so awkward if his legs were straight.  But he’s got courage, heart & a brain.  He remains focused with his eye on the Glitterball.  Probly learned focus keeping his eye on the bull.
Mymi says she’s glad my spa forwarded my picture.  She needed to hear from home @ that particular moment.  No place like home.
She went walkies with the kiddies.  They hadda purchase a Dam’s Day present for Peach, it being Dam’s Day & all. 
Mymi pushed the kiddies in the rolling chair built for 2.  It has soft sides & netting to shade the kiddies.  Sometimes #1Son pulls the rolling chair on the back of his bicycle.
They made their purchases.  They stopped for some liquid refreshment.  Starbucks filled their sippy cups.  The kiddies think Strawberry Blended Lemonade is awesome.
They continued on their way from the shopping center going to the park.  They stopped @ the corner of Walk & Don’t Walk & pressed the Walk button.  They waited for Walk to appear.  & then they proceeded into the crosswalk.
Good thing Mymi was focused, not distracted chatting on the cell phone or hip hopping to iTunes.  She heard screeching tires & then a truck ran right past them through Red Light.  Nearly hit a car coming from Green Light. 
All is well.  No one was hurt.  Mymi stayed a long time in the park with the kiddies to refocus.  What coulda been was too awful to imagine.  They coulda been Statistics & Peach & #1Son woulda been very very sad.
I’m glad everyone is OK.  Mymi shoulda known better than to leave home without Buddy.  Buddy woulda sensed that truck long before Mymi stepped off the curb.  He woulda seen it comin’. 
OpalK9 OTJ
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