My Pedigree Papers indicate that I have attained the Middle Ages of my journey here on  I have achieved 35 in HY.  My birthdate . . . Quatro de Mayo.  The very eve of fun & festivity here in CA.
Time enough to consider my Legacy . . . that which I leave behind to be remembered by when I return to PlanetPluto. 
I think I shall not solicit Mega$ to revise history.  I shall, instead, donate all the books I read to the local library system here in My Community.  Maybe Librarians will place an OpalK9 Laptop somewhere in my honor.  That would be just a todolly awesome Legacy for the Bloggin’ Dog.
It’s being suggested, in some circles, that Big$ are pouring in for the W Legacy Reformation Liebarry which is kinda ironic when you stop & think about it.  W never let history or facts, ethics or obligation torture his thinking process as President & bragged of the shortest reading list in modern history of the Presidency.  
I wonder if W’s Liebarry will offer Amnesty on Fines for overdue reading & research material.   Probly not.  Anything in W’s Liebarry would be Top Secret, Highly Classified National Security Secrets to be placed in a Time Capsule.  Besides, Amnesty Fines would amount to Tax Evasion . . . & W would never approve of Tax Evasion for the Little Class.
In order to fulfill a campaign promise, Pres O has tasked IRS Agents to find tax loop holes & close off-shore tax havens for individuals & corporations currently enjoying the luxury of doing business in many countries & paying taxes in none.  Closing  Loopholes & Offshore Tax Havens is the new Drill Baby Drill . . .
I must ponder, now for a while, my new status in the Middles Ages & ruminate upon a path toward reformation, ressurrection & renaissance while Mymi visits the kiddies in the Valley of Casinos & Bling upon the occasion of Dam’s Day.  I’m packing my laptop.
OpalK9 OTJ
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