Scheew Doggies . . . says GrandSire . . .  DWTS is a stemwinder.  
We know, GrandSire.  Competition is fierce. 6 Notables remain in the Battle for the Glitterball. 
Gilles’ high energy Lindy Hop scored 27.  Lil Kim‘s a Sassy Queen Bee.  Besides that she’s growing into a performer of presence & substance.  Fun to watch.
Shawn’s cute as a bug & wholesome as an IA cornfield. I know about IA cornfields from my road trip last HY. 
Chuck’s Cha Cha Cha . . . so so so.  We’ll see.
Todal bummer re:( Melissa.  Cracked ribs sidelined her Jive & Team Mambo.  Team Mambo minus Melissa scored 25 but the guys’ costumes at the end of the dance . . . just not workin’ for me.
Ty’s Salsa was way outside his Comfort Zone.  But he stepped up to the plate in Team Tango.  Team Tango demonstrates pretty effectively that there is no I in Team Work.  Yes we can. or All Hands on Deck.
With respect to Team Work & All Hands on Deck, why can’t Big Pharma (which runs messages ad nauseum on DWTS) & the Medical Establishment be expected to  step up to the plate & deliver Medication & Immunization to prevent a global pandemic of Swine Flu?  What’s more disruptive to commerce & trade than people too sick to work or spend?  What’s more harmful than dying of a disease that could have been prevented? 
Lotta advertising $$$$ could be redirected from: 
 upset stomach;
 sniffles, sneezes, runny noses, itchy eyes;
 asthma & respiratory conditions . . . (well you get it:-)
to focus on the issue @ paw which is right now Swine Flu.
Do the audience, Citizens, Voters & Taxpayers a favor, won’tcha please, Big Pharma.  Redirect focus to solving this global public health crisis now so there will be a market in the future to purchase your products, prescription & OTC.  Or is Swine Flu another tool in the battle to decrease the surplus population?
Pay now or pay later.  Payback’s a bee-yatch.
OpalK9 OTJ
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