GrandSire has the VERY BEST solution I have ever read !!!! I would like to ask GrandSire what he would suggest to help those of us over 65 facing continually rising health, food costs & taxes that have FIXED INCOMES??  I’m willing to work but there IS age discrimination!!! Many are unable to work due to deteriorating health BUT Social Security could be raised IF the government would PAY BACK the MILLIONS of $’s that have been "borrowed" from Social Security for "pork"!!! Think some of the million should also be dedicated to furthering the education of those who need to work in the "new world" of employment. This suggestion should go DIRECTLY TO PRESIDENT OBAMA…..He can declare a STATE OF EMEGENCY….enact this idea immediately……FORGET THOSE IN CONGRESS WHO ONLY HAVE THE NEXT ELECTION ON THEIR MINDS !!!!! LETS MOVE NOW !!!! GRANDSIRE  GMama & Annie
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