Dear Pres Bama:
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, are your #1 Groupies.  We thought you might be a Good Guy upon reading your book, the Audacity of Hope.  We campaigned for you.  We cheered upon declaration of victory.  We believe you have the Right Stuff in Hard Times. 
But it’s a little hard to keep a stiff upper when we see the same ol’ same ol’ happening all over again.  We get that Toxic Assets must be made non-toxic.  But it isn’t help to Joe the Bull & Jane the Ewe when the same ol’ Conglomerates & Trusts, MNCs & squirrelous, predatory lenders are still pushing the same failed products. 
Not productive to Main Street that:
    Citi never sleeps – maybe it oughta take a rest;
    BofA spams my Inbox with credit card applications.  Hello.  I’m still a dog;
    Chase What Matters.  Well what does matter?
    Reeps finally recognize a shill game when they see it.  Where was their financial acumen & fiscal responsibility when these shills were being fobbed onto an unsuspecting public gullible enough to believe that bankers are their friends?
    Cap It Alone wants to customize my credit card.  Hello.  Still a dog.  Why don’t they customize credit worthiness?
    A I G is still laying AIGs with taxpayer $.  If it was too big & important to let fail, why are we still putting $ into it?  Why are the AIGheads that failed so miserably retained & rewarded for Bad Bidness Decisions?  Never miss an opportunity to Bust a Trust. & on a local level  . . .
    a proposition to permit cars on Downtown Mall.  Hello.  That’s sooooo last century.  The Dunder Heads that thought that aig up to encourage shopping downtown were using 1950s film footage to demonstrate a vibrant urban setting.  Soooo 1950s when there weren’t competing suburban shopping malls & air quality was just a local issue.
There are lots of successful models out there.  Green & successful aren’t Oxymorons.  Lemme just suggest a few green & successful enterprises that we’ve mentioned in the past:
    US Savings Bonds;
    Victory Gardens (such as Michelle started) & Slow Food;
    Allstate’s Back to Basics;
    Nat Geo’s Solutions (I can forward a copy if you like);
    CA Emissions Cap & Trading Program;
    Modified CA Curbside Recycling (keep the assets on-shore instead of shipping it to 3rd world countries & banana republics);
    CA Emissions Controls on everything from auto tailpipes to smokestacks to farm yards;
    Toyota No Impact auto construction;
    Japanese Model of Auto Ownership – no cars older than 5 years on the roads to foster & encourage fleet turnover for fuel efficiency & emission controls (& no shipping old clunkers offshore.  Recycle. Recycle.  Recycle.  If we can force the turnover of the TV fleet from analog to digital we can encourage the turnover of the vehicle fleet to clean & fuel efficient);
    Ford had a pretty good idea back in the day – pay labor enough so they can purchase what they manufacture;
    Solar panels & wind generators on individual residences for energy independence;
    SC Johnson – a Family Company making green products & generating its own energy with windmills & methane gas; & last on my list but it’s certainly not exhaustive;
    the 3 Doos;  Do It Yourself, Do Without & Make Do.
& here’s a suggestion that might not go down too well with some segments of the political & social spectrum.  Whatever happened to ZPG . . . human population control?  Wouldn’t it be better to have smaller families that produce competent & productive citizens instead of breeding like . . . animals to create markets to peddle products?
It’s not that easy being Green.  But it’s not that hard to foster Green & Successful.  Not Rocket Science. 
I’m just a dog.  I’m just sayin’ . . .
OpalK9 OTJ
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