By now you might have heard about the Brawl on Wall Street from sources other than myself.  If not, cut & paste this link to your browser:
Un-freakin-believable stuff ain’t it?

It took a comedian to confirm what the Foil Hat & Fringe Factions have known . . . there really is a conspiracy out there to enrich a few at the expense of the rest if US. It took a comedian to verbalize the outrage of ordinary citizens who are just getting by, not particularly concerned with the DJIA or the NASDAQ or Invester Confidence or Market Share.  Who are lucky if they have a savings account left or their IRA hasn’t rolled over & dumped.


To give credit where credit is due (pardon the glaringly cliche’ metaphor here) Kramer acquitted himself rather well at the end.  Unlike other pompous loudmouthed bullies who shall here remain anonymous but they know who they are . . . Kramer did sorta fess up to market manipulation for personal & professional gain; admitted to Perception & Image Management @ the expense of the quality & content of coverage.


Stewart was motivated, IMO, to difficult questions & critical analysis after viewing the Shout Out of another Financial Analyst voicing anger & frustration @ the very thought of actually assisting mortgage holders caught in the crossfire of Credit Default Swaps & Mortgage Backed Securities, Bank Bailout & Stimulus Packages.  Kramer just happened to take personally what he shoulda viewed professionally & proceeded to shoot himself in the foot.


I have a few additional questions for Mr Kramer & his crowd:


    how much was he invested in the companies he manipulated while supposedly providing fair & balanced financial advice on Cable TV?

    What’s the difference between Hedge Fund Market Manipulation & Insider Trading (for which Martha Stewart – no relation here to Jon I’m guessing) did time?

    How could you NOT have recognized Bernie Madoff & Sir Allen Stanford for the Ponzi Scammers they are proven to be?  I know a Ponzi when I see 1.  What school of economics did you go to?  I have an Advanced Degree from PU.


So now that myself & my family are shareholders in Corporation America, allow me to share some concerns on Bank Bailout, Mortgage Rescue & Job Jumpstart.  After all, who knows more about Rollover than Just a Dog?


Well . . . Xcept Congress.  But they mostly know about Rollover & Play Dumb which is what they have been doing while Checks & Balances were systematicly dismantled & Worker, Environmental & Consumer Protections were re-written for the convenience of Global Corporate Interests.


Where can homeowners, teetering on the Edge of Financial Oblivian, obtain sound & sane financial advice that might assist them to save their home while they are navigating rough financial waters?  We already know not to count on the advice of bankers & financial advisors who are @ this point merely CYAing? 


Where do Citizens who have:   

  lost a job;

  had serious illness in the family;

  served in the Armed Forces;

  believed what they see on TV; &/or

  actually thought no one is above the law  . . . go for Aid & Assistance?


Please Mr. President, if we’re all in this together, give us some change & advice we can believe in.  Cause we’re not getting it from tradtional News Outlets.

OpalK9 OTJ

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