We met up with Scout & Rose on walkies.  Mymi & Rose chitted & chatted.  Rose is excited & most pleased to report a new job @ State Tax Board.  State Tax Board is a major presence in our Neighborhood.  It’s a good job with regular pay & benefits . . . if State IOUs constitute pay.
Scout confided displeasure that Rose is going to work each weekday & will be unavailable for regular walkies.  But whatta ya gonna do?   Scout found an especially tantelizing scent to roll in.
Indeed Scout’s unresolved Leave-It Issues threatened to overwhelm. Scout smelt todolly awful . . . like Limbaugh Cheese . . . all ripe & rank.  We hadda bid them a fonda dieu so they could work out their issues during Scout’s inevitable shampoo & rinse.   
Now that Rose is working paw in paw with the Govenator, & surely has his ear, Rose can send a message not to Short Sell CA’s long & laudable track record on environmental issues & legislation merely to balance the budget which he promised to balance & make work during his expensive proposition campaign to become Govenator.  I, myself, have been swapping emails w/the Govenator but a little realtime Face Time wouldn’t hurt.
CA’s legislators should be focused on marketing CA’s environmental track record to Congress as the model to emulate in order to reduce the Nation’s Carbon Footprint & addiction to oil & to create jobs.  CA meets, & in many instances, exceeds federal guidelines & mandates to reduce smog forming emissions.  CA is on the verge of agreement w/the Kyoto Conventions to reduce Greenhouse Gases & Global Climate Changing emissions. 
Oh sure.  Doomsday Naysayers predicted that stringent environmental review & regulation would be the end competitive commerce & industry within the State.  With all due respect, CA has managed to achieve economic success & become the 5th largest economy on AnimalPlanet.com & maintain an environmental ethic.  Maybe it’s time to quit measuring success 1 Billionaire @ a time & start measuring success by the number of citizens that can be nurtured, educated & made healthy & productive.
Good luck on the new job Rose.  We’ll miss you on walkies.
palK9 OTJ

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