This is your BEST WORK so far !!!!  What has to happen to open the eyes of these idiots & why are they given time to speak their garbage to the public?? Oh, I forgot, we still have free speech which is a good thing. Just need to increase our abilities to ignore such foolish rhetoric!!!! Hope your TV gets going. That’s a bummer for you !! GMama & Annie

Dear  Opal K9
Did you hear the promises from Obama on the campaign trail for honesty in government, no more pork and transparency of government?  Did you hear about the part where the banks having received their "bailout" have no intention of revealing where the money is going?
Did you see where Obama’s first speech was to Arab television rather than the American people who put him in office. I frankly did not appreciate him apologizing about our tactics to people who want to destroy us.  How does that square with more transparency for the american people? 
Have you heard about the appointments of daschle and geitner; two tax cheaters, the latter fox in the henhouse will now be the treausurer of the US and (drum roll here) honcho over the IRS?  How does that square with honesty in government?
Have you looked into the stimulus bill with all the freaking pork added to it that has not one thing to do with stimulating the economy but everything to do with growing the government and more free handouts to repay election donations, etc?  the stimulus bill comes over to over $2 billion of expenditures per page, that doesn’t alarm you??  How does that square with no more pork?
I’m no bush fan and I’ll join the bashers bemoaning what his admin has done to the country; however, i don’t see where the current administration is much of a change.  it’s still business as usual in the capitol, the good old boys network is alive and well; the one big difference, a literate, eloquent speaker for the president who is better able to pull the wool over the american people’s eyes.  Thank God for republicans and democrats who are opposing the biggest government ripoff in the history of this country.  that’s not the world i want my kids and grandkids to inherit, interest at $1 trillion a year on a dollar that’s going down further into the toilet while the good old boys and their friends are living high on the hog. 
could it be the chocolate covered dog biscuits you are eating are actually looks like, smells like and is bull_hit??  Bogie

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