What about his campaign does Sen McCain not remember?  The part about The People have spoken & they have spoken clearly?  Or the part about the fundamentals of our economy are still sound? 
What part of November 4th don’t House Republicans quite get?  The part where You guys trashed a permanent majority in Congress?  Or the part where Barack Obama WON? 
Somebody oughta tell Congressional Republicans:
    the Universe no longer revolves around Conservative Values & is no longer flat.  
    Unregulated Capitalism is no longer King &
    Yes, CEOs have a responsiblity to actually balance the Balance Sheet;
    other nations are watching their economies tank too & ohboy, are they pissed which means , . .
    we are not winning hearts & minds around the world.
    We’re all in this together is the new I Got Mine, FU:
    $18B Bank Executive Bailout is just fine . . . accompanied by Windfall Profits Tax of . . . oh just shootin’ in the dark here . . . around oh say . . . $18B.
    Green is still Green &
    we’d like the sky blue & water clear again.  We’re not afraid to pay for it;
    the High Moral Ground is a slippery slope &
    noboby believes your hollow rhetoric anymore.  You talk so much you forgot your purpose.
    Who took the Conserve out of Conservative anyway? &
    quit talking down to your constituency.  The public has a large & collective Memory & we’re not afraid to use it.
At least we’re no longer burdened with images of W smirking  around the Oval Office, skulking around the Rose Garden.  Now he just smirks around TX.  They should try to keep him on a tighter leash. 
I’m OpalK9 & I composed this message cause my TV signal failed & I can’t watch Keith & Rachel until the Satellite Repairman Fixes It.  Just Fix It.
OpalK9 OTJ
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