We hadda go visit Commander J.  She fell & broke her leg much in the same manner as Grandsire.  The docs put her together good as new & she’ll be up & around again in no time. 
Dinky Dog returned home with MrWhiskers while we were visiting Commander J.  Dinky’s a noble dog of mixed heritage but he’s kinda old.  No one is exactly sure how old cause Dinky is a rescue dog like me.  So we bonded.  That’s us there . . . bonding.  Dinky didn’t hear his name so he didn’t smile for the occasion. 
We met new dogs in the Neighborhood.  Birdie is mostly white, very agile & pretty young in K9Y.  Birdie’s a Border CollieBogey is mostly black.  He’s mixed heritage . . . Border Collie & Aussie (like me) & kinda old in K9Y.  Birdie & Bogey have a perfected a partnership for fetching the ring which MrGolfer throws like a Frizzbee. 
MrGolfer tosses the ring & Birdie runs like the wind to catch it.  Bogey follows behind best he can.  He’s slower than Birdie.  But he catches up & they both return the ring to MrGolfer.  Bogey won’t let Birdie return it without his input.  What a team! 
Erin Everyday is leaving Problem Solvers.  Moving on.  The Day Family will miss Erin’s cheerful smile & can do attitude.  The Thursdays all wave goodbye, keep in touch & best wishes.  Time for unbonding . . . a little.
Erin Everyday’s new job is PIO for CHP.  A background in TVLand should be invaluable for emergancy services & other organizations & citizens struggling to understand what’s necessary to be ready & prepared for the Digital Age coming Feb 17.  God & Great Todo know Problem Solvers tried to facilitate the Seamless Interface from Analog TV to Digital. 
Myself, personally, I think the messages are intentionally mixed & garbled & unclear in order to sell more devices & services.  I mean who knows from DTV, HDTV, converter boxes, DVR, Interactive TV, streaming technology, split screen?  No clarity from the Industry or the Gov’mint.  You’d think order the mandate last year.  You’d think Cutting-Edge Technology in the Age of the Information Superhighway could explain itself better.
Now, before analog screens go dark, would be a dandy time to ensure that every citizen has adequate access to TV news & information.  Not just the majority who were able to purchase new TVs & subscribe to cable or satellite services.  But also the elderly, the infirm & the impaired who don’t understand what’s needed or can’t afford it in any case.  Remember when the news was a public service for an informed electorate?  
So long Erin Everyday.  Keep in touch.  Problem Solvers won’t be the same without you.


OpalK9 OTJ

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