We hadda go to Mt Occam to visit Lucy & the Pups.  Lucy & the Pups live @ the Ranch with a lotta other white dogs & some horses. 
Lucy whelped her pups on Nov 4, an auspicious day.  They look like little Polar Bears, don’t they.  Just like Knut, of Polar Bear fame
While I was visiting the Ranch, I hadda do what I was born & bred to do . . . herding.  So I chatted it up with Chance, a Red Dog horse.  Royal-Tee largely ignored me . . . until he turned around and flipped me off.  I’m sure glad Doc put a fence ‘tween me & Chance or I’d still be tail over tea-kettle rolling down the lane. 
Bein’ as the pups resemble polar bears, I suggested that Lucy name 1 pup Knut.  & another Kneena just cause I couldn’t think of another name that begins w/Kn.  & Ursula . . . like the constellations . . . Ursala Major & Minor.
& then . . . just cause they were whelped on such an auspicious day,  I suggested Barko & Bama & Prezzie in honor of our new President.  Catch Breaking News . . . right here.  See my new album.
Have a nice day.
OpalK9 OTJ
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