Have I mentioned previously that I just love Dancing With the Stars?  I think I did but with all the campaign rhetoric & fall rush season . . . sometimes I get confused.
This season DWS showcases Macy’s, AnimalPlanet.com‘s largest department store.  If last night’s extravaganza didn’t convince you to shop Macy’s, nothing will.   & KMart Smart.  KMart has a brand new tool to help shoppers shop early for Xmas.  It’s called LayAway.  What’ll they think of next?
DWS season started a few weeks ago.  Competition is keen.  Cody & Cloris, Soap Star & Track Star, Hannah Montana & Babbling Brooke & Warren (Happy Feet) Sapp are still in the field & heading for the home stretch.  Whatever Cloris lacks in dance skills she makes up for in Emmys & Oscars, polish & professionalism.  Vote early & often for Cloris.  Old broads rock.  Opal knows rocks.
Speaking of campaigning & voting, I just want to remind my CA BFFs to vote Yes on 2.  Help Joe the Bull & Jane the Ewe have a voice & a choice.
& speaking of campaigning & voting, I wish the McCain/Palin campaign wouldn’t associate itself with Underdogs.  Gives Underdogs everywhere a black eye.  If they want to take the low road, wallow in the gutter, indulge in hate & fear mongering, whisper campaigns, 1/2 truths, innuendo & flat out lies, why don’t they call themselves Undercats?
I’m OpalK9 & I speak for Underdogs everywhere.
OpalK9 OTJ
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