I can see now why the Average Voter finds politics repugnant.  Why they say politics is a dirty bidness.  Why politicians are described as a buncha crooks & liars.   
The conventions are over & so is the part-ay.  The Straight Talk Express has taken a right turn to Trash Talkin’ Airways .  The Palin Bump has become 40 Miles of Bad Road.  & nobody’s talking to the press . . . or the investigators. 
Sen McCain’s choice for President of Vice is nothing short of cynical & perhaps not in the best interests of the county . . . first, last or anytime.  Sarah Palin is a political Elvis Presley (with all due respect to the King).  Local talent, rising star.  Too much fame & fortune too soon & with too little support or preparation.  In the end, Elvis burned out . . . but  Elvis didn’t run for President of Vice. & Sarah doesn’t have Elvis’s shelf life . . . with or without lipstick. 
Sen McCain is eager to push his Maverick Image & Reformer Agenda.  He’s so intent upon winning the election, he forgets his purpose & gets tangled in a web of words.  Sen McCain’s Noble Cause has become a political ax to grind pursued with End Justifies the Means, lying, cheating, throw it against the wall & see what sticks tactics.  So how is this different from status quo?
Meanwhile, on the other paw, Sen Bama remains mostly above the level of dirty politics choosing not to slam Sen McCain with every word he misspeaks . . . misunderestimates.  He’s been heard to put forth a few concrete & realistic proposals.  At least Sen Bama gets it that the economy is in meltdown mode.  The fundamentals are not sound.  They are nowhere around.
Might I suggest that the Standard-Bearer for the Dems have a serious sit-down & heart-to-heart chat with the Mother of the House.  Now is not the time to sell you out, compromise the party position on environmental issues & hitch the wagon to the Drill Baby Drill Express.  How much would it cost to protect & defend off-shore interests from highjack or hurricane fifty miles off our coastline.
The US is fighting 2 wars, suffering a crisis of credit, blowback from irresponsible energy policies (or lack thereof), rising unemployment & vanishing production.  Your opponent is clueless.  Now is the time to demonstrate party unity & consistency of message.  Otherwise . . . well you look like just another politician.
I’ve said it before & I’ll probly say it again.  Humans can’t seem to clean up 1 mess without making another.  Americans are at their best when engaged in great enterprise & minding their own business. 
I’m OpalK9 & I approved this message.
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