Have I mentioned I just love Dancing With the Stars?  Well I do.
Keen competition on a level playing field.  Rated by fair & impartial & professional judges.  Where the popular vote is actually counted.
I just love the rhythms of the music.  Toe tapping.  The colorful costumes.  The beautiful people .  .  . in a human sorta way.  And the prize . . . the Ball of Glitter.
It always makes me happy to watch the Joy of the Dance.  Almost as good as the Joy of the Roll & the Splash!
Now that this season is over, I can reveal, in no particular order, that . . . IMO, Kristi had it nailed all the way.  Not a real stretch to transform ice skating gold into ballroom elegance.  But Kristi rose to the occasion challenging her quiet, Icy game face into fire & drama.  Way to go Kristi.
Of course, Jason & Cristian . . . so todolly cool. 
What do you think Babs, Annie, Roger, Crystal & Shuki, Whizzie & Kiwi?  Anyone?
OpalK9 OTJ
PS:  Dear President Mal Aprop,
Why don’t you take ballroom dancing lessons when you leave office?  It would give you something constructive to do after the sturm & drahm of the Oval Office & you might learn some grace & diplomacy.  They will probly let you wear the boots but lose the 6-gun mentality.
Yr BFF, OK9 
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