I was feeling kinda blue & then Mymi came & picked me up for a Walk on the Beach.  What a treat to beat my feet at the Edge of America.
The Edge of America is todolly cool.  Sand is cool on my footpads.  The beach is wide & long.  We walked & walked.  I’m not so sure about the ever moving ocean water though.  Smells salty & fishy.
After our encounter with the Dumpster Police, we figured we should obey the Leash Laws Strictly Enforced sign.  So we leashed up for the walkies.  Not as much fun but what are ya gonna do?  Humans are currently top dog in the food chain.
We saw other signs too.  We’re never sure whether a sign means bidness or is just placed there to placate human sensitivities.
Littering punishable by $1000 fine & prison.  We weren’t gonna mess with THAT one.  
Myself, personally, I’m a skeptical of Respect the Beach signs.  Humans have plucked pines & palmettos from the sand.  Swept the dunes of sweetgrass.  Todolly altered maritime landforms to accommodate McMansions & parking lots, restaurants & gift shops. 
Humans believe they can engineer anything as long as the signs say God Bless America & Praise the Lord.  Hurricanes 1940, Gracie & Hugo would argue otherwise.  We saw pix of DamNature’s wrath in a Folly History book.
I’m probly just as well off here at my Resort & Spa where a dog can just be a dog.
)palK9 OTJ

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