Upon reflection.  After diligent debate & deliberation.  Upon cogitation & calculation, GrandSire has arrived at a carefully considered conclusion.
Get out the For Sale sign.  Pack up our stuff.  We’re movin’ to CAliforni . . . says GrandSire.
So that’s what we’re doing. 
Forms are complete.  For Sale sign is located in front of the house. 
We visited some of GrandSire’s BFF to squash gossip & rumor.  They say it’s a good decision.  GrandSire will be safer near family (that’s us).  He will be missed . . . but whatta ya gonna do? 
Now the BFFs have a destination in CA so they can come visit.
Good job, OpalK9 you say.  Thank you.  Thank you.  But my work is just begun.
GrandSire wishes to attend a family reunion in SoCaro next month.  So we will.
Between now & then, many other BFFs will wish GrandSire bon’ voyage & farewell.  We gotta pack up the necessary stuff & arrange the stuff to leave behind.
We gotta arrange for GrandSire’s residence near our domain.  We gotta furnish GrandSire’s new domain.  I’m gonna make sure his new TV cannot receive FOXNewshounds, Pundits & Savants.  Their narrow, gossippy view of merely riles GrandSire’s ire.  Does not facilitate good decision making.
We gotta pack up GrandSire’s auto for the long trip.  I’m riding shotgun.  Mymi says it’s gonna take many days instead of many hours like on Jetblue.  We’ll see. 
Oh yah.  There’s lots to do.  Awsome responsibilities.
OpalK9  OTJ
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