Mymi accompanied GrandSire to the House of Worship.  GrandSire wished to talk to Jesus, Offspring of God.
Jesus was a Carpenter & a Saver back in the day.  Lotta people thought he was THE Offspring of God.  Lotta others didn’t. 
I wanted to accompany Mymi & GrandSire & discuss this whole paranoia/dyslexia thing with Jesus.  See words cause paranoia & dyslexia, afflictions particular to humans.  Words create confusion & complications which lead to misunderstandings & bad feelings & wars.
So if Jesus could just take away words or make words more stable & understandable, he could save humans a whole lot of heartaches & unhappinesses. 
But Mymi said Do not disturb the worshippers.  I hadda stay home & guard.
We take walkies through the golf course, sometimes, late in the evening.  When golfers are gone.  Golfers take offense when they see a dog on their territory.  Like I could mess up the course any worse than Duffers.
Mymi says Do not disturb the golfers.  That’s why we patrol late in the evening.  Sometimes we see Great Blues & Cormorants hunting.  They don’t take offense.  You can’t tell with the Sand Hills, tho, whether they are offended.  One squawk sounds pretty much like another.
GrandSire often forgets his 3rd leg.  I have to remind him that it is very important to remember his 3rd leg for stability & balance.  Mymi says Do not growl @ GrandSire.  Do not disturb.
See what I mean?  Words just mess up the very best of intentions.
OpalK9 OTJ 
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