What good’s a trip to FL without a ride on an AirBoat? 
GrandSire allowed as how it would be a good idea so we went. He needed all our assistance to board the boat.  He’s a good sport. 
Mymi took lotsa pictures.  Prob’ly a good thing her battery died before the ride ended. 
We chatted with Gators while waiting our turn.  Gators aren’t real chatty.  They got an image to maintain.
We danced with Pelicans & Cormorants.  We chatted with monkeys on Monkey Island.  They have a lighthouse all red & white. 
We glided through the glades & speeded through sawgrass.  Made a rainbow in the spray.   
The AirBoat hovers above the water.  The Driver mostly maintains silence.  The engine is loud so it’s hard to hear his voice.
I’m not in CA any longer.  May as well appreciate the wildlife & landscape while I’m here. 
OpalK9 OTJ
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