Saw Striker & Sam & Simon.  Their domain is on a corner in GrandSire’s community.  Striker & Sam & Simon are CA dogs.  They accompanied their Mama & Papa on a mission from Great Todo, just like me.  Michael & Cory moved to FL to assist Michael’s Dam & Sire through the Golden Years.
Striker & Sam & Simon have a large yard.  Their yard is their space to exercise, do poo bidness, play chatter & chase, sharpen their senses & practice social skills. 
Too bad return to CA is not in the cards for Striker & Sam & Simon.  The’re doing their best.  But the Neighbors are unwilling to consider dog issues so their K9 activities are largely confined to the yard.  walkies confined leashes.
We don’t have a yard.  GrandSire’s domain is connected to the Neighbor Domains on each side.  I look out the screened porch & see all the squirrels & Great Blues, Hawks & Sand Hills.  Sometimes the squirrels tease me . . . siting up on their hind legs & tossing nuts.  Drives me crazy.
At home, I walkies without leash.  I’m familiar with Road Etiquette.  Street curbs indicate paths.  Never chase a cat or a squirrel or anything else into the street.  Never cross the street alone.  Never, never run into the path of a human or frighten a human running across the yard.
Here, though, in FL, there are no curbs along the streets & roads.  Pathways are not clearly marked.  Yards are bigger & there are no fences btw domains.  Tall trees & bushes are in every yard.  Great hiding places for squirrels & birds & cats.  So many scents.  So little time.
Sometimes I get excited doing my job.   I forget to listen to Mymi’s clicks & commands.  Sometimes I’m not watchful & run over the white lines that mark some streets but not others.
Sometimes neither of us is aware of our surroundings which usually draws comments such as That dawg should be on a leash.  Or There are leash laws, ya’ know.
Mymi says Yah.  Yah.  There are Litter Laws & Speed Laws no respects either.  So whatta ya’ gonna do?
I know my purpose.  I won’t be distracted.  Just doin’ my job.
OpalK9 OTJ

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