Super Bowl Sunday!  Orson Basset presiding.  Awesome HD TV & red carpet treatment.
Fans & fanatics gathered around the country.  In bowls big & small.  Annual Rite of Spring paying respects to Athletes & Athletic Supporters.
Babs & me, we’re like double teaming Louie, the Stud Muffin.  Ya see, we look a lot alike & we’re like Dude.  I’m Babs.
No. Dude.  I’m Babs.
Louie.  He’s so like .  .  .  bowled over.  Didn’t know whether to sit or go blind.  So he ran with the ball. 
That Louie.  He’s a character.
Humans, meanwhile, were attending to important human bidness.  They made spreadsheets.  They exchanged money.  They popped tops & corks.  They made drawings & shouted hosannahs.
And on the field in AZ, lights & music.  Singers & dancers. Hearts & Breakers.  Bells & whistles & flags.  But not a lot of points. 
Now Super Bowl XLII is History.  Sorta anticlimactic when you think about it.
If they had made the Race for Alternative Energy a competitive sport, we prob’ly all be home watching the Super Bowl right now instead of protecting our interests in places far, far away.
OpalK9 OTJ
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