Patrols largely curtailed here due to inclimate weather.  But I got other responsibilities.
It was all cold & todolly frozen 2 AMs past.  So Mymi & I didn’t patrol before she left Home.  I stayed inside my domain all day.
Damp & cold in the PM . . . so no walkies.  I was delighted to remain inside the warm house even if TV is non-stop commerical messages, Encore Presentations & generally boring cause the writers are on strike.  Everybody’s got an important job to do or stuff doesn’t get done.
1 AM past, wind was howling so as to shake my nerves & rattle my brain.  Great Todo showed us dogs what to do when the weather is stormy & winds howly. 
I assumed a post near the big window in case a Green Witch should fly past on a brookstick.  Always a sure sign the house could fly away to who know where  With Global Climate Change & all no one knows which way the winds blow.
Adequate preparation is the key to safety in perilous times.  If a house can fly it can float, so I gotta prepare for whatever might happen. Just  doin’ my job.
Sure hope the sun comes out soon.  Without adequate exercise, my puppish figure tends to plump out.
OpalK9 OTJ
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