Saw the Beagle Family today.  Papa Beagle pushing Jr Beagle in the rolling chair.  And the twins, Chesney & Chutney Beagle.  Cute pups but they’re howlers.
On the next block, I spied Deputy Dawg on guard in his driveway. He ran back to his yard & under the fence before I could give him a shout out.
We walked past his domain & there was Deputy Dawg watching . . . from his post at the bottom of the fence.
I was trying to be all friendly & neighborly.  I said ‘Sup, Dawg? C’mon out & play. Let’s chat.
Deputy Dawg is of Mixed Heritage so it was a difficult to judge what his natural instincts & characteristics might be. 
Deputy Dawg said his family would kill him if they found him outside the fence.  He was pretty depressed about his situation. All Hang Dog & eyes rolling & nose on the ground. 
I see his point tho.  Deputy Dawg’s family assigned him the task of Guard Dog.  Said so on the sign above Deputy Dawg’s nose. Then the family stuck him behind the fence & said Sit. Stay. Be quiet. How’s a dog supposed to familiarize himself with his surroundings sitting & staying quietly? 
At first, Deputy Dawg was a little shy to talk to me ’cause of his situation & all.  I promised I wouldn’t tell the Authorities about his Covert Operations.  Never saw him before in my life.
I’ll be sure & report my investigations to Deputy Dawg whenever we pass his domain.  I don’t think he’s a bloggin’ dog or a member of the Todo Fan Nation.
OpalK9 OTJ
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