Looks like a Part-tay!  The 23rd Reunion of the 86th Division. The Boyz from the Heartland & the Hinterland. United in a Common Cause. 
The Fight for Freedom & Liberty.  The Freedom of Speech & the Right to Remain Silent. The Freedom to worship . . . or not. 
The Great War . . . in which even the most marginalized of citizens made invaluable contributions.  Navaho Code Talkers.  Tuskeegee Airmen.  Rosies the Riveters.   
The Great War . . . when Rule of Law, ethics & civil liberties were compromised on the HomeFront in the teeniest, tiniest, most insignificant of ways.  Days of internment are long over & the Nation has Moved On.
These are the Boyz that Returned Home.  The Boyz that defended Flag & Country, Tradition & Honor.  The Boyz that became Bankers & Doctors & Judges & such. 
Over time . . . the Boyz have gone their separate ways.  Led different lives.  Experienced widely disparate options, objectives & solutions.  But they have remained loyal to Flag & Country.  Loyal to one-another.
Loyal, even to Judge Win who made the controversial decision that the 2 little words, Under God, need not be included in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Boyz are distracted with debate & discussion about the Judge’s Legal Opinion.  So distracted, in fact, they neglected to actually recite the Pledge.
But . . . that’s OK.  The Boyz are old now.  They did their duty.  They are entitled to Memory Error.  Animal will continue it’s spin.  Life will continue with or without the words Under God are in the Pledge.
The pretty Purduettes will continue their job; to sing & entertain, to learn & become the Leaders & the Boyz of the Future.
And GrandSire will return to Re-Unite with the Boyz & to collect his prize as the Division Emeritus.  A Buck a Year for a job well done.
OpalK9 OTJ


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