On Great Todo’s homeland, PlanetPluto, McGruff, CrimeDog had warned Great Todo about Stranger Danger.  So Great Todo was skeptical about advice from strangers.  But Great Todo had to do something to get Dorothy safely home.  Great Todo  decided to follow the Yellow Brick Road like the Goodwitch of the East told Dorothy.


Along the way, Mistress Dorothy made some friends & invited them to come along to the Emerald City.  Great Todo was nervous about these three friends but Dorothy insisted.  She wanted everyone to get their wish.  She wanted to go home.  Great Todo was doing his best.


The Wizard of Oz lived in the Emerald City, at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.  He  was supposed to be this great and wonderful magician who would help Dorothy & Great Todo return safely to Kansas.  But when the Travelers finally got to see the Wizard, Great Todo was appalled.


Behind the curtains, Great Todo found that the Wizard of Oz was an ordinary man.  He spoke in a loud voice and used big words.  His magic was smoke and mirrors.


Behind the Wizard, however, Great Todo sniffed  the way home to Kansas.  The Wizard was embarrassed & humbled & told Mistress Dorothy that Great Todo would lead her safely home.


So Mistress Dorothy said good-bye to her friends and followed Great Todo home to Kansas.  Great Todo was just doing his job.

Since his time on AnimalPlanet.com, Great Todo has sent dogs from PlanetPluto to guide & assist their companions through each day & make sure their companions get home safely each night.  So I’m just doing my job.


I’m finding my story not much different from the Great Todo’s.  I live in California with My Mistress.  I call her Mymi.  Mymi got a phone call & we flew eastward like Dorothy & Great Todo.  We arrived in a strange & unfamiliar place called FLorida.  We went to assist Mymi’s sire, GrandSire.  More responsibility, but I do my best.


To be continued . . .

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