It being Labor Day & all, we decided to honor the thousands & millions of Americans that over the past several generations of humans helped to build this country, land of the free & home of the brave.

Collective effort has made many things possible for the average citizen:
*:) happy 5 day work week
*O:-) angel fair compensation for a day’s labor
*;) winking labor safety regulations
*:"> blushing child labor laws
*:-* kiss paid vacation & sick leave
*:-B nerd other benefits to families . . . among other things.
So we decided to honor Labor by doing our Litterary duty & picking up trash along our route to the USPO to deliver some bills to be paid for services rendered us & goods & items purchased in the last HM. It’s the least we could do altho truth be told we weren’t todolly prepared having only a couple of produce plastic bags with which to corral the trash & bags of poop Someone forgot to deposit in the appropriate receptacle instead leaving bags of poop in the gutters in our neighborhood. Yoo Hoo Someone. There’s still no Poop Fairy.

At any rate we did collect a couple of bags of trash & other junk which we did deposit in a proper receptacle. We were feeling pretty pleased like we had accomplished a small something in honor of Labor. We deposited our letters in the proper receptacle & proceeded on our way back to our domain.

Then we planted a Jade Plant in a nice pot & placed it on our front porch. We had been nurturing & rooting that plant for a while & it was time.

S’ pretty hot out so we just rested ourselves the remainder of the afternoon on this Labor Day as we can do bc we have holidays thanks to Labor. We were scrolling thru FB when we StumbledUpon a posting from Peach, our very own Peach.

Buddy has passed on to his greater reward & returned to PlanetPluto. Buddy was a good ol’ dog. The best says Peach. He’ll be missed by 1 & all in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. Buddy was a rock solid, regular dog. He was sensible & sincere. Glitz & glam didn’t interest Buddy. Doing his job, guiding & assisting his family interested Buddy & he always did his best to make his family aware when strangers approached the domain. Buddy was a good dog & knew his purpose. Max & Lily have some major paw prints to fill.

Buddy was a regular Joe Dog. We think he would approve of our days efforts. We decided to name our new Jade Plant the Buddy Memorial Jade Plant & it sits guarding our front door. RIP Buddy. OpalK9 OTJ

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We have a brand new addition to our family & a new human infant. I have a brand new human cousin. Isn’t that awesome!?

Baby JunieBug was whelped by her folks, Photogirl & PoBoy 3 days ago. This turn of events has made my AuntieTeach & UncaT very happy. & my GrannyJen & GrampyFrank very happy & proud indeed.

JunieBug was gestating in her Mum’s Tum just 1 HM when GrandSire passed on to a greater reward. But everyone thinks & believes he is smiling down upon this happy & momentous occasion & shared it with GrandDam. Everyone is pleased & proud.

Humans often bestow 3 names upon their pups. A 1st name, a given-name. A 2nd given name & a family name. That one’s not a given. I guess you sorta inherit it or something. Far be it for me to explain human naming conventions. However JunieBug’s 2nd given name is after GrandDam that I never met. GrandSire’s mate. Everyone thinks that’s pretty cool.

Photogirl & PoBoy reside in a big town far far away & eastward of here, the Great State of CA. They reside in Chi-Town in IL. I think I flew over it or pretty near a couple of times but I never actually set 4 paws on the ground there. Which is kinda sad as it makes it difficult for me to carry out my duties & responsibilities to guide & assist JunieBug, now in her 3rd day of residence upon But JunieBug has Otis to guide & assist. & Caani & Scusi who reside with UncaT & AuntieTeach. I rest assured & am confident JunieBug is in capable paws. But if you ever need help or advice, guys, we’re connected.

The whole family, all over the US, thinks that’s pretty darned cool. & isn’t that awesome. OpalK9 OTJ

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Just a heads up here. BoDog.  Currents events being what they are re: #Ferguson, my advice is we should table K9 Civil Rights as an issue for the now.  Paws it so to speak. Unfair I know. But we gotta get a majority of humans on board. That’s gonna be a long slow process. & ppl just can’t wrap their heads around our K9 issues while their hair is on fire re: other issues. You know humans would rather shoot the dog 1st & ask pertinent questions later. Perhaps when you leave office as 1st Dog & there is no possibility of losing our Not For Profit tax status, we can think about it.  For now, lie low, my BFF.  Lie low. Yr BFF
palK9 OTJ
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We hadda vary our usual routine & schedule today.  Instead of my AuntieJudy arriving to take me for Walkies, Mymi remained at our domain.  We took our Walkies to the store. Not sure of the particulars as to schedule change.  Doesn’t matter really.  Such a small & insignificant detail.
We walked thru the park by the middle school in our neighborhood.  I always like to walkies there.  It’s nice & shady in spots.  Lots of trees that shelter squirrels.  I do so love to chit-chat with squirrels & other critters there.  They are a sensible lot.
There’s also lots of grass for me to run thru & roll in.  A good roll in the grass always makes me happy & cheerful.
After crossing from the kiddies’ play area to the fence line, we usually exit at the dead end street that dead ends at the park.  On a few occasions recently we have seen a shopping cart that belongs to the nearby store that we were heading for.  Now that cart definitely did not belong there.
On the cart seat was a telephone number to report misplaced shopping carts so we called that number. They were most happy to receive our call & arrange to retrieve the cart.  We proceeded on to the store & tended to our bidness.
Lately we haven’t been as attentive to trash & litter as we prolly should be.  I guess we think like a lotta others.  Such small & insignificant details. We do enough.  No matter really.  & when you think about it, if no one ever dropped another piece of trash & litter on the ground, we’d hafta walk & pick it up until 2,743,052AD just to pick up what’s already there.  Pretty daunting.
I know.  I know. I’m just a dog.  But I can’t help but wonder what humans think when they continue to throw other seemingly insignificant trash, garbage, junk & poison into the ground, air & water & tell themselves that eliminating pollution is just too economically inconvenient so we’ll just cut back slowly to some arbitrary year levels.  & we can’t (won’t) cut down until our neighbors to the south or west or across the pond cut down.  Blah. Blah. Blah.
But hey!  By the time runs out of air & water, & there’s no place left to migrate to, at least not in the numbers of humans that populate the planet at this point, I’ll be back on PlanetPluto.  So who cares?  It’s todolly insignificant & non-cumulative & unimportant to Just A Dog.  OpalK9 OTJ
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I mentioned all the trials & tribulations my BFFs at Doc’s place were having. Fire. Evacuation. Return & get resettled. Make sure the horses return safe & sound too. Horses hadda be evacuated by trailer & alla the friends & neighbors pitched in to help & shelter horses. Some of the horsies were trailer-shy & hadda shelter in place. A scary situation to be sure.

So no sooner did everyone get returned safe & sound to the ranch, than the big, uber- super-important dog show came up & Caruso hadda strut his stuff. So that’s what Caruso did.

Caruso hadda git fluffed & blow dried. He hadda look his super best. He hadda flawlessly interfaced with his show handler, Collin. He paid close attention to all what was going on. Caruso shined above alla the other Sammys in the competition. Caruso took home the Blue Ribbon.

That Caruso. He’s a trooper in the face of adversity. He did his home & family proud. Doc was oh so please & gratified. That Caruso. He’s a hero! Whatta Dog!


Wish I coulda added my pix but still learning new & improved, updated & simplified(?) blogging platform. What’s a dog to do?

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So . . . things are finally getting back to normal . . . whatever that is these days.  Doc & the K9s returned home to the ranch on like . . . Tuesday.  Everyone was pooped & dog tired but most happy & elated to be home again. There’s no place like home.  Horses got returned to their corrals the next day.  Everyone was so happy to be reunited.  Doc is most grateful to those generous neighbors who sheltered her equine family.  There’s no place like home for anyone.
My Fuh-Leaz problem is reaching resolution.  I been taking those yucky pink pills with my meals.  Not that I want to but Mymi hides them in my meat & kibble.  Kinda hard to hide ‘em under my Dog Bowl.  Eventually Mymi picks it up & discovers my subterfuge.  Things can get unpleasant then.  Much easier to just swallow the medicine. Grin & bear it.
Dr.True also told Mymi I should have an Oatmeal Bath.  So we found our way over to Honest Dog which usedta be LaunderDog when I went there before with Joanna.  They got big tubs with long ramps you gotta walk up in order to get into the tub so your partner can spray you with water & soap you up with shampoo . . . oatmeal shampoo.  I tried to be the best & most patient dog possible during the launderdog & blow dry experience.  But Mymi’s technique is not near as good as Joanna’s.  She has the right touch.  Be that as it may, we got through OK.  Mymi purchased a nice soft wire brush to brush my fur out so it doesn’t get all matted & we hafta shave it again.
Upon arrival at home that particular day, we completed some other chores by way of clearing out MySpace that had heretofore been occupied with stuff we took from GrandSire’s residence & have been trying to figure out the proper method of distribution or disposal.  It’s a slow process.  Since that time, Mymi has been lamenting the misplacement or loss of a couple of key items.  House, mail box & gate padlock keys being 1 such item.  The other being an earwig that permits us to talk on our phone whilst doing other things.  Mymi had just about given up ever seeing them again.  She was making other arrangements for my AuntieJudy to access My Domain when she comes to take me Walkies.
Then upon early completion of our Walkies this morning, bc it’s so very hot & dry in our drought stricken valley, Mymi set about brushing my teeth & coat. She likes to sit in a chair by the car door opening while doing this & guess what?  She discovered those very same items, key chain & earwig on another chair.  She was so elated & congratulated my sniffing & sleuthing skills.  She said she owed that discovery all to me, OpalK9. Now all is clear & contained & back to regular order.

palK9 OTJ

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OMG! Fuh-Fleas & Frack. We have a todolly precarious situation going on right here in my region. My BFF, Doc & her ranch family hadda evacuate & leave home due to major fire outbreak in a location nearby to them.

The pups, Kiwi & Caruso, Missy & LadyDi, & the rest of those bros & sistahs & cuzzins, they got evacuated & they are doing time in a Spa & Resort here in MyValley. Spokesman Rhetty says it was todolly cool for a night. They never spent time at a Spa & Resort & they kinda dig the newness & luxury of the whole gig. But approaching Night #2, well it’s getting a little old. They wanna go home again to familiar surroundings.

All but 2 of the horsies got evacuated to shelter with friends & family in the area. Everyone is concerned about those left behind. Tho fire itself isn’t threatening their Space but smoke is heavy-duty.

The remainder of the family is sheltered with SistahCay here in MyValley. Skies are kinda clouded up with smoke here in MyValley but it’s better than back home at the ranch.

We listened to news about the Sand Fire. It has grown in size to 4K acres. 1200 humans have been evacuated from the area. No count of the critters & non-human population. It’s about 50% contained but digits are crossed that Delta Breezes won’t fan the flames & the fire get outta control again. Hard to predict with it being so hot & dry & all.

We consult Doc’s FB page for updates regularly. No signal as yet as to when they can return Home Again. We’re glad everyone is safe for the moment. We wish them a safe & speedy return home. My laptop & tablet & phone are on, waiting for happy updates, Doc. Call me.

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