The weather was wet & windy today. We got some much much needed rain last night. Not enough to fill the dams & reservoirs . . . but some rain nonetheless. Made our sidewalks & streets wet. Watered lawns & gardens. So yay!

We had a special errand to execute this morning. So neither rain nor snow nor dark of sky would slow us from our appointed rounds to deliver certain monetary documents to the USPS so that said documents could be fast fwded to the Valley of Casinos & Bling. See Tootsie Roll & Scooter are participating in a Fun Run to raise funds to support their Academy & Fount of Education; Source of Knowledge. So you see, it was very important that we deliver this post post haste.

So we braved the wet & blustery weather to fare forth to the USPS & on the way we spotted lots & lots of trash blown about on the streets & parkways. This often occurs when Trash Day turns out to be windy. So we picked up lots of trash laying about & placed it in the proper receptacles. Those being the trash containers still on the street post trash trucks rolling through the neighborhood. This will help keep our neighborhood neat & tidy looking. It’s a random & anonymous community service we are happy to perform.

But when we got out onto the main street, which was like a wind tunnel for the winds coming up from the Delta below our Valley, well it was a challenge. We found a wet & soggy plastic sack that had blown into a bush on the street. I pointed this out to Mymi & she picked it up. Promptly stuffing it with trash from the gutter & on the sidewalk. I was carefully sniffing my way to the intersection of Red Light & Green Light when I came upon the dangerous sight of a real thick bottle smashed along the parkway. Luckily it wasn’t on the sidewalk or I mighta stepped on a shard & cut my paw. (No good deed goes unpunished.)

So we picked up as much as we could & placed the heavy shards of glass in our recently collected plastic bag. But we hadda get it to a proper receptacle pronto bc it was hazmat & dangerous. Our only option was the waste slots at the USPS, where we were headed at any rate. We sealed our bag best we could.

Then we hadda negotiate across the big streets at the intx of Red Light & Green Light & go to our destination sans leash bc Mymi forgot it. Well I’m OK with that. I can behave & cross the streets carefully, with the proper lighting & signalling. But the USPS frowns upon K9s entering the building sans leash. Mymi took me to a quiet corner under the overhang & told me to Down & Stay, which I did superbly. I watched & waited & she was only gone briefly so it’s all good. See. That’s me there, holding the bag so nothing further happens to it.

Upon return & arrival at our Domain, we discovered that it’s World Kindness Day, No matter where you are, this is the day to change the world with one simple act of kindness. We kinda like to think we practiced Random (& Anonymous) Acts of Kindness today, picking up trash & properly placing it so our neighborhood would look clean & well kept & so neighbors leading busy lives won’t hafta stop & pick up remnants of a windy & blustery Trash Day. What Random Act of Kindness did you perform to honor World Kindness Day? http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/
OpalK9 OTJ

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Well things have been as per usual, which is crazy, Goofy busy. Things no more get to normal, whatever that is these hectic days & then kaboom-pow, something out of the ordinary occurs. Like Mymi packing up & going to the Valley of Casinos & Bling for the annual Halloween Holiday festivities. & me going off to MySpa & Resort.

She reports that a great time was had by all. Going to the Punkin Patch. Riding the Train. Flying through the air on the Bungee Fling Thing. Carving punkins. Getting all dressed up in scary costumes to go tricking & treating for sweets & goodies.

Lilly & Max love all the excitement but they don’t get to participate in the goodies anymore. They been on diets…sigh. But I guess these things must be done to maintain good health & longevity. Bc they miss Buddy…RIP, Buddy.

Mymi accomplished some Christmas shopping bc she says that next holiday is right around the corner. We gotta get ready, buying presents & wrapping & sending them off to my far flung family. So Mymi made a few purchases while there in the Valley of Casinos & Bling in order to bypass some of the steps in preparation for Christmas there in the Valley.

So anyway, she returned & picked me up at MySpa & Resort. I like to go there. I like to come home even more bc to prepare me for my return home I always get shampooed & blow dried, fluffed & fancied up. My nails get attention even tho I don’t like my paws messed with much. I learned to trust Groomers at MySpa & Resort. But I always know when I get fluffed up, it’s time to go home.

The next day upon our return, we hadda walkies to the USPO to deliver some mail which contained bill payments. I hadda guide & assist Mymi so she wouldn’t fall on her face again like she did recently. We reported uneven sidewalk to the authorities & they promised to remedy the situation.

While at the USPO we made our donation to get a Red Poppy to honor the Veterans who have served this country in the many wars fought past & present to preserve our freedom & democracy. We always like to honor our Veterans as GrandSire was a proud Veteran. & Veterans provided a nice service for GrandSire’s memorial back there in FLland. We’re sorry that it appears future wars will be fought from within against Big Money & Corporate Interests. We don’t think that’s what GrandSire & his compatriots fought for.

We did some walkies around the Neighborhood just to make sure everything is good as when we left. We met JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog at the park. JanThurs is busy with her Choral activities & papers grading bc she like to keep involved in the Educational Community. Daisy Duke & I ran around the park. We rolled in the newly cut grass, which is the best kind of grass to roll in. We drank puddle water which is alway a treat. Daisy n me just had the very best time.

When we were almost home, just around the corner, we met up with Terry & her new dog Gracie. Gracie is a pretty black pup of approximately 4 HY. Gracie is of Mixed But Noble Heritage, being both Dachshund & Cocker Spaniel. Very Noble Heritage. Gracie & Terry are just getting accustomed to each other. & sometimes Terry has some business commitments which must be honored. We might offer to let Gracie hang here . . . just til she gets used to being Home Alone. It’s a knack.

See. That’s me wearing my new Red Poppy below. We hope that everyone will honor our Veterans & support them with a contribution to the Gents giving out those pretty Red Poppies. It’s the right thing to do.
OpalK9 OTJ

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We, here at Todo Chronicles, believe The Media (that’s us) should always be seeking the truthiness of any situation & not merely accepting the Common Wisdom. This is why we’ve been searching & researching, digging down deep to get to the bottom to stay on top & ahead of the rest. We’re seeking clues as to why there are no more dinosaurs on AnimalPlanet.com. Least none that we know of.

Dinosaurs 1st appeared here approximately 231.4 million HYs ago. They didn’t begin as the huge & frightening critters that many now occupying AnimalPlanet.com today think of today as the Dinosaur Population. However of the dinosaurs evolved over the millions & millions of HYs that they roamed AnimalPlanet.com into those huge, fire-breathing ferocious creatures. Others did not. Fossil record would indicate that some survived the Extinction Event that appears to have occurred some 66 million HYs ago, and their descendants continue the dinosaur lineage to the present day as birds. So in reality, dinosaurs still do exist on AnimalPlanet.com, just not so’s they’d be recognized as such today. Who knew?!

Fossil record also indicates that dinosaurs occupied habitat on every continent, such as continents were configured back in the day of dinosaurs. They multiplied & spread out & & developed elaborate skeletal & structural adaptations to fit a niche so that they could survive & thrive.

Soon the dinosaurs, in all their diversity, achieved dominance over AnimalPlanet.com. They consumed large amounts of food which they did not replace. They used resources without hesitation. They didn’t consider the relevance H2O had in their lives & in the quality of life that their progeny would have. They deposited waste products anywhere & did not consider the cumulative effects emissions of said waste would have on a future generations of inhabitants of AnimalPlanet.com.

So dinosaurs were just going along minding their own bidness & thinking Things is Cool. What could possible go wrong. We are Dinos! After 165 +/- HY Dinos are the Top of the Food Chain.

& then, humans have recently speculated, the Unthinkable occurred. The Extinction Event. Scientific modeling suggests a big huge asteroid collided with AnimalPlanet.com. Now the collision itself didn’t suddenly cause dinosaurs to get extincted. That was just the Tipping Point. Impact caused release of many particles which caused the atmosphere to heat up & then cool down in the space of a scant 1M HY . . . which in the long view of things is the blink of an eyeball. All this caused the food chain to collapse & dinosaurs faded away into extinction.

So we, here at Todo Chronicles, are not drawing conclusions. That’s for you, our readers, to do. But we leave you to ponder . . . Are Humans Smarter than Dinosaurs? Or is history bound to repeat itself again?!
OpalK9 OTJ

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On our walkies today we encountered lots & lots of activity. Preparation for the coming winter months, I’m assured. Workmen were trimming big trees with limbs & branches fallen down in the street & blocking the sidewalk. We hadda walk on the other side.

There was lotsa grass cutters & leaf blowers; painters & nail hammerers. There have been big machines & heavy equipment digging up our sidewalks & gutters, blocking access to my fave source of water. There’s even a tree trimmin’ buzz sawing right across the street from our Domain. It’s pretty noisy. But preparations must be made, so I’m told for the winter that’s surely coming.

Winter’s gotta come bc we need water so desperately . . . to drink; to water the crops; to just live. & while humans haven’t been the very best stewards of our water resource or any other resource for that matter, it’s just gotta rain & give us water again bc humans are praying & that should make it all better. They suddenly see the benefits of carin’ for the creation on which we all live, for the moment. At least until they can figure out how to get offa here & survive somewhere else. Not sure what they are planning for Man’s Best Friend in that arena.

Near the end of our walkies, we did meet up with Terry, Clarabelle’s Mum. Clarabelle passed on to PlanetPluto in Springtime. Terry & Chuck really miss Clarabelle. Terry was most happy to see me & to report that they are seeking to adopt another K9 like Clarabelle. A Border Collie of Noble & Distinct Heritage whose present adoptive folks cannot provide proper care due to illness in the human family. This particular Border Collie presently resides in SoCA. If this arrangement cannot be completed, Terry says they will seek out My AuntieKim to find the very best dog suited to their situation & needs, likes & dislikes.

So anyway Mymi & Terry chatted about this & that. About what a good dog I am. How friendly I am & how good I am at doing my job. I listened intently to that conversation from the periphery bc there was still plenty to explore, sniff out & investigate in the immediate area.

Terry warned me against the perils of Kitty Rocca but I must respectfully disagree. & altho humans know dogs prefer Kitty Roca to Puppy Roca, she felt the need to warn me for my own good. Mymi just yells & speaks sharply when I make a good find. Says my breath stinks. One being’s garbage is another’s steak.

Eventually they got off onto other subjects that weren’t the least bit interesting to me so I wandered a bit further. Discovered more delightful Kitty Roca & almost ate my fill. & then the workmen came to dismantle the equipment in front of Terry’s domain. They are repairing the sidewalk to reduce the possibility of human error, the tendency to trip & fall & injure themselves.

Then it was time to move on down the street to our domain. But Terry wanted me to TXT MSG CLARABELLE. Inform Clarabelle that she is missed greatly. That the time to adopt another dog & provide a good home has come but that you, Clarabelle, will always have a place in their hearts. They are good people, Clarabelle & I know this is true.

We’ll Snapchat soon Clarabelle so I can keep you updated as to the status of your humans & our neighborhood. Gotta run bc the workmen are tearing up our sidewalk & my supervisory skills are needed at the moment. Why can’t humans just look where they are going?! OpalK9 OTJ

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Sheew Doggies. Holy Cats. It’s been crazy, upside-down, fur-on-fire, runnin’ around in circles chasing my stumpy little tail, busy around here. & I hadda stand guard & be vigilant whilst guiding & assisting Mymi. But I keep doin’ my best.

On Thursday last, workmen showed up at our front door to install brand new & improved windows in our domain. They are real pretty. They keep the hot sun’s ultraviolet rays out much better. Keep the floor cool on my tummy. My AC. It took the workmen all day long to complete the task. So we hadda busy ourselves pretty much that whole time.

1st we Walkiesed to the USPO to deliver an envelop containing good wishes to #1Son & Peach on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their Uniting Ceremony. I wasn’t around here then. It took place in the Valley of Casinos & Bling so I wouldn’t have been witness to the happy event anyway. Upon our return trip, we had some extra time, so we picked up litter & trash & other things that don’t belong on the streets of our neighborhood. The workmen got all the windows installed in place just as the sun was setting but they don’t do alarm systems.

So then we hadda arrange for the alarm & security people to come out & reconnect our security system. They 1st predicted that they could be out at the end of the HM of Halloween. That was just too long without electronic security to suit me n Mymi. So we hadda get very firm with them on the phone.

The Security Technician arrived yesterday afternoon. She was surprised at how complex the task was as the Company failed to properly assess the situation & did not supply our Technician with the proper information.

Workmen don’t do cleanup, necessarily, either. So we hadda put things away & straighten things up that got pushed aside so workmen could pop out old windows & replace with new. That included my crate & all my things that surround MyPlace & make it homie. They didn’t replace the blinds that were removed from the windows. Now we gotta decide what to do with those old blinds . . . return them to where they were or replace with new ones. Or just toss them . . . into the recycle bin for sure.

& we gotta figure out how to take care of the trimming that was placed around the windows on the outside of our domain. Good thing they are behind the fence.

So that’s why I been extra vigilant with regard to my responsibilities, guarding our Home & Domain. It was just plain uncomfortable at Walkies Times knowing there was no alarm & security system to set & no me there to be watchful on alert. Awesome responsibilities. I am ever up to the challenge.

So that’s my Domino Theory. You start 1 little thing & 100 more fall into place that need to get done before you can call the job complete.

OpalK9 OTJ

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Big surprise this AM. It rained. It was quite lovely & refreshing. The air smells nice & clean. & gutters & puddles are filled with nice cool, clean rainwater. My Fave!

Rain makes for Excellent Walkies. So we Walkies’ed over to GrandSire’s former place of residence, The Pond. Excellent Walkies. We like to contribute our monthly Nat Geo to the GrandSire Memorial Nat Geo Library. The residents there like to read the Nat Geo. We also contributed greeting cards & calendars made of paper b/c the Greatest Generation still uses Snail Mail to send their sentiments to BFFs, friends & family.

Upon departing The Pond, we followed our old route to the middle school/park. It’s always a joy to roll in the grass there. I, personally, however, could not detect much change in the condition of the soil that had just been rained upon. As dry as the prairie grass we passed thru on our Road Trip Westward to CA when we brought GrandSire out here from FLland, Land of Swamps & Gators. Where if it ain’t rainin’ it’s about to rain. At least it usedta be that way, tho my BFF Annie tells me it’s different now. But that’s another issue for another day. Quite a climate change from that which GrandSire was accustomed to.

Much as we enjoyed our Walkies today in the residual sprinkles of the rainstorm that passed thru My Valley, we, here at Todo Chronicles, don’t think it’s time to blow off the the Voices of the People here in the US & around AnimalPlanet.com, participants in the People’s Climate March. People & citizens, & dogs too, asking Officials & Decision Makers & others in High Places to Sit Up & Take Notice. Climate Change is not just a figment of over-active imaginations of Fuzzy Headed Treehuggers & other Liberals. It’s real. & it’s causing severe drought in My State, the Great State of CA. Drought so big & severe the rain we got today is only a drop in the bucket of dry lakes & reservoirs which are the water supply for My State, the Gr8 St8 of CA. That’s not to mention the need to replace groundwater supply which is also receding, but it’s under ground so no one can see it or estimate how much groundwater needs to be replaced.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, can only hope the rain helped extinguish the huge & horrible fire ravishing the foothills & valleys, villages & habitats so near us. Fires are made more intense in severe drought b/c drought creates more dry fuel for fires to gobble up.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s time for Leaders on AnimalPlanet.com to take the lead on climate change. If the US wants to retain a position of Leadership in this most serious & important matter on AnimalPlanet.com, it’s time to quit dithering around, questioning the science & asking stupid questions like why wasn’t Global Wobble included in the modeling of Climate Change? B/c Global Wobble happens over a period of 10s of Ks of years & not in the course of the 100 years of Climate Change modeling presently used. Global Wobble has no statistical relevance to Climate Change Modeling as we know it. Even Just a Dog could figure that out.

So, c’mon, US Leaders. Get off it & get going. We can do this if we want to. We can do better. We have done better. Go Big or Go Home cause we can’t afford to remain on the sidelines in the State of Denial any longer.
OpalK9 OTJ

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Today, marking the end of Summer & the very 1st day of Fall & all, we decided to do what thousands of citizens, humans & K9 alike, did & join the People’s Climate March. We decided to take a long march in our neighborhood to see how our neighbors are taking responsibility to #ActOnClimate Change.

We are delighted to see lots of homes with solar panels on the roof. There’s prolly a lot more we couldn’t see b/c they are on the back of the domain, just like ours. Lotsa people driving electric vehicles these days which is good. Lotsa bike riders & people taking our very own commuter rail system for trips other than to work. That’s good.

NoCA is doing real good on reduction of water usage during the major & historic drought our state is experiencing. B/c we gotta save water to fight the increasing & increasingly intense wild fires burning outta control in our state. These fires are increasing in number & intensity each HY due to hotter & dryer weather conditions caused by Climate Change caused by climate denialism creating lack of cooperation in reducing global carbon emissions.

Some people evidently didn’t get the memo about reducing water consumption tho b/c we saw a gentleman washing his vehicles with a hose that didn’t have a shut-offable nozzle on it & he was letting water flow down the driveway into the gutter & into the drain. I, myself, tried my very best, to reduce the damage by drinking as much gutter water as I could, gutter water being some of my most fave of drinks. But the flow was such that my efforts were hopeless. The gentleman prolly thinks he’s entitled to use as much resource as he can pay for. . . like it isn’t a system or something. Bad attitude.

But most seem willing to do their part & we are happy to see it & report on it.

Coincidentally, this date was the day of the biggest People’s Climate March in history. What, you may ask, is the People’s Climate March. Well, let we here at Todo Chronicles, tell you what the People’s Climate March is. It’s the global demonstration demanding attention for climate change spanning 162 countries. & we decided to help out by tweeting, FBing & writing about this event of historic proportions.

An estimated 400K people & K9s turned out in NYC, the Big Apple, alone for this historic event which also coincidentally takes place on the Eve of the U.N. Summit on Global Climate Change. & there were marchers marching all around the nation. & right here in my state, the Gr8 St8 of CA. Right here in MyValley, on the capitol steps. Isn’t that awesome! If you don’t believe me, just look at some of the pictures & stories of this great & historic event on the links below.

It’s so gladifying to be alive in the Age of Awareness. Now if we could just translate Awareness into Action. #ActOnClimate.

OpalK9 OTJ

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