We are sooooo jazzed. Mymi finally got together with our very most Twitter BFF, DogLoverDonna.

We met DogLoverDonna on Twitter during a recent campaign. It seemed fated to happen. See DogLoverDonna has had several different Twitter Handles. We met her as DogLovers4Obama. She’s moved on to other causes but we catch up with her. We follow her everywhere.

DogLoverDonna lives in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. You guessed it. Right in the same valley as #1Son & MyFamily. Peach, TootsieRoll, Scooter, Lily, Buddy & Max.

She’s, of course, as her Twitter Handle suggests, is a dog lover, as are we . . . obviously. When she’s not Tweeting & linking & pressing the Cause, she volunteers at various animal shelters. She adopts dogs tossed from cars. (Can you imagine doing such a horrible & inhumane thing? Can you imagine surviving such a horrible & inhumane existance?) She protests auctioning off dogs as a means to keep kill shelters operating.(What kind of a mixed message is that? Sometimes humans are so hard to fathom.)

DogLoverDonna’s female offspring resides right here in MyValley, near us, in the Gr8 St8 of CA. So DogLoveDonna is GrandDam to 2 little kiddies. & GrandDamming brings its responsibilities. So that’s why Mymi & DogLoverDonna didn’t meet face to face until now. Because they always heretofore had been crossing paths like ships passing in the night across mountain & desert. Mymi’s been going to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to visit MyFamily & extend my paw to Lily, Buddy & Max, whilst Donna’s been coming here to MyValley to visit her family for the very important human holidays. Ships passing in the night. There are no coincidences. OpalK9 OTJ

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Yesterday, here in My Valley, was a beauty. All sparklie & sun shiney. Our Walkies was just splendifferous. I got to explore old hiways & byways in a new light. So grand to live in My Valley where the sun always shines & there’s plenty for all of everything.

NOT! KidDING! April Fools. Hadjya goin’ there, didn’t I. Actually (as Tootsie Rolls says very authoritatively) it was wet & rainy. & rained all day. & we began our Walkies btw downpours but didn’t end it that way. Luckily Mymi donned her rain protection gear & I did too. Well I wear my rain protection gear all the time, rain or shine. But my gear got pretty wet & it took me the rest of the day to dry out.

So now that we got all that rain & our reservoirs & water supplies are half-full. Now that winter finally arrived here in My Valley, we don’t hafta worry about such inconveniences as water conservation, other resource conservation or Global Climate Change anymore. We don’t hafta worry or believe or anything now. It’s all good & nothing can stand in the way of profit. Profit. Or the Prophets of Profit. Right?

Wrong. NOT! KidDing again! Gotcha. That was another April Fools.

Myself, personally, & I know I’m just a dog here. But personally, I don’t see how humans can deny Global Climate Change is the result of human activity. How dumb do they think us critters are?

Humans can move mountains. They can change the course of mighty rivers. They can dig far beyond the capacity of any critter to get what they seek & desire. They can dig under oceans. They can shoot spacecraft far beyond the atmosphere of They can split atoms & blow anything they want to up.

Additionally, there are far, far more humans on this planet than ever existed in all of history combined. They all need the basics; food, water, air to breathe, shelter. They all generate certain emissions. They are using up resources faster than those resources can be replenished.

They accomplish these unbelievable feats with fossil fuels. Dirty, expensive fossil fuels. So why WOULDN’T Global Climate Change far, far beyond anything experienced on this planet in all the billions & billions of HY that it’s been around, NOT be caused & accelerated by human activity.

I just don’t get it. Perhaps that’s why I’m still just a dog. I guess if humans chose to believe the earth is flat & only 6K HY old, & they were put here fully formed, they can chose to believe that radical changes in the earth’s atmosphere are not attributable to their own activity. IMHO it’s just gonna hasten their departure from the whole shebang. Prolly other critters too but I won’t be around so who cares?

Hope you had a good April Fools Day too, 4-1-14. OpalK9 OTJ

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FYI GrandSire: just so you know, everybody made it Home Again OK from your Memorial Service & Celebration for which all but a few important players in your circle of BFFs gathered in FL-land to pay respects & say the Last So Long. Myself being amongst those that were unable to attend.

My UncaT & AuntieTeach, Treeman & RunninMum along with BabyMak returned Home Again to New England just prior to getting Nor’easter Bombed. They survived the high winds with no snow due to the fact they are getting used to such radical & unpredictable weather patterns as they have been gettin’ pummeled with just such weather all this long & cold winter. Humans can adapt. AuntieTeach’s Mama & Da could not, in the end, make the trip as Mama got pretty sickly but she’s getting better with proper medical attention.

PhotoGirl & PoBoy arrived from ChiTown. PhotoGirl being much accustomed to flying all around They returned Home Again to ChiTown ahead of the Polar Express. PhotoGirl is going to produce another generation of family to join Tootsie Roll, Scooter & BabyMak. Lots of pix were taken so this generation will know from whom they are descended.

Mymi & GolferNut returned Home Again. They remained behind in FL-land to watch DWTS with GMama & Annie. They had a great time even if the most obvious of contestants was not eliminated on the 1st Double Elimination. Annie said it was fun. Wish I coulda been there. More about that later.

The Memorial & Celebration were attended by many old friends & immediate family members. There was GMama, of course. Annie didn’t get to attend as theses were held at a cemetery & restaurant altho I bet she woulda represented K9Nation just fine. There was Sam the Man & Donna, Lloyd the Whiz, old & dear BFFs of yourself & GrandDam. There were Eleanor & Jake & Shirley, offspring of dear old BFFs, Wes & Opal (not to be confused with myself, OpalK9). & an additional Travelers Brat, Scott, offspring of Bob & Mary, attended all the way from San Francisco. Hey that’s in my state, the gr8 st8 of CA.

Mymi & UncaT put slideshows on their notepads. Tootsie Roll & Scooter pursued their artistic endeavors. BabyMak made noise & racket with the Best of the 2HYr Olds. She’s a gr8 addition to the family.

I was not able to attend as Mymi couldn’t quite arrange to fly me across country once again. Besides, as Annie points out, FL-land is not the most pet friendly place in the world. That may have something to do with hungry gators in the ponds. I dunno about that. I’m Just a Dog.

Now we’re going to say farewell. Mymi & UncaT delivered you back Home Again to be with GrandDam. But if you ever want to know what’s goin’ on down here on or you just wanna tweet a friendly hello, you know where to find me. Tweet, txt, email from wherever it is that humans go. I’ll be sure to pass on your msg.

So long. It was good knowin’ you. You were a good influence on many humans you met thru your long lifetime. It was an honor knowin’ you & being your Guide & Assistant. You were & are a Grand Old Gentleman.

Your BFF
OpalK9 OTJ

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Dude! So you know. We’re having a Rally in My Valley. We wanna stop Fracking in My State, the Great State of CA. No Frickin’ Frackin’ in CA.

CA is not just Fuzzy Headed Liberals, Hippies, Treehuggers & Surfer Dudes. There’s a lot of us that just plain don’t want CA Fracked Up.

So we’re calling on thousands & millions of CA citizens to the steps of the Capitol of this, the Great State of CA, 8th largest economy in We wanna ‘splain to Gov. Moonbeam what a todolly bad, bad idea fracking is. It’s obsolete & wasteful technology which fuels the use of other obsolete & wasteful technologies. It benefits a few, namely Big Oil & Coal, Koch Suckers. Mother Frackers. Don’t Frack With CA.

Did’ja know CA is in the midst of a great big drought? That means we don’t have enough water as it is. So To Frack or Not To Frack requires millions & millions of gallons of fresh water which is mixed up of lots & lots of toxic (to humans & other critters) substances. This toxic sludge is then pumped at very high pressure into the ground in order to extract oil from rock in order to run, the billions & billions of humans now inhabiting So while there isn’t enough water now, some Special Interests want to use up more in order to get oil. I ask you, which would you rather drink, oil or water. Myself, personally, I chose water every time.

Additionally, did’ja know CA is prone to earthquakes, sitting as we are on the edge of Techtonic Plates & Subduction Zones. Why, 1 Earthquake, Back in the Day, todolly Fracked Up the Big City of San Francisco before Fracking & before the Bay Area was such a Big Power House in My State of CA. In those O States where there’s already Fracking, they are having earthquakes & rollers. I mean, it’s the Midwest, Dude. Not Earthquake Prone.

It’s not like CA is populated with only Hippie Dippies & Flower Children, Pot Smokers & Surfer Dudes. We gotta lotta folks Techie Oriented, Media Savvy & Todolly Connected. We got Silicon Valley. We got some Solid Thinkers & we got infrastructure for Sustainable & Renewable Energy to take us into the 22nd Century. We, here in CA, just don’t need to dig deeper into this Bottomless Pit of Waste & Greed. When you get to the bottom of a hole, quit digging. Who would know better than myself about digging holes?

All of you, my BFFs in CA, you oughta be there tomorrow to tell Gov. Moonbeam . . . Fracking is just a bad, bad idea. We don’t need more bad ideas. (So are the Tunnels. Stop the Tunnels. Save the Delta.) Come to the Rally in My Valley. People are coming from all over My State, the Great State of CA. OpalK9 OTJ

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We went for Walkies the other day. Went by The Pond, where GrandSire’s domain was. We wanted to drop off a couple of Nat Geos & say hi to all the good people there. We usedta drop off Nat Geos for GrandSire to enjoy & then he would pass them on to the The Pond Lending Library & Reading Room for other residents to enjoy. They always liked that.

The Pond has changed quite a bit since our regular stops there. Steve is now the Go To Guy What’s In Charge. We didn’t see Debi or Mary, helpful nursing staff & good friends of GrandSire. Steve did report they now have activities 7 days/HW which is good for the residents. They like the action. Dining is restaurant style now instead of dormitory style . . . not sure, zackly, what that means but Steve says it’s a good thing. Steve says we’re welcome back anytime. Mymi said she’d like to put in reservations for when she needs such a facility which shouldn’t be too long now at the rate she’s going. We declined an invitation for coffee as I, myself, personally don’t drink the stuff. Not nearly as good or good for a dog as gutter water after a spring rain. The Pond is a-changing & it’s not the same, specially without GrandSire there.

Upon exiting The Pond, we proceeded toward the Park & Middle School whereupon we met up with Lucy & Ethel & their Person that they are in charge of Guiding & Assisting. Lucy & Ethel did a good job when they usedta visit folks at the entry to GrandSire’s side of The Pond. Lucy & Ethel report that several former residents are also gone on to meet their Maker & they are missed.

We strolled thru the park but it was a gray, dreary day & only the school kiddies were out taking physical exercise. We proceeded to the home of JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog who were home & we sat & chatted with them for a time. Autumn the Cat was in seclusion as usual but I wished her a G’Day just to be polite. JanThurs was baking peanut butter cookies & well you know how I feel about peanut butter. But I didn’t get any even with putting my Best Begging Practices to use. Which is so todolly unfair.

I thought after our Walkies thru old places, that I might feel that the big spot where GrandSire usedta be might feel less empty but I guess it doesn’t. I been communing with the box where GrandSire rests temporarily right now. No one said but I can sniff his essence & I know he’s in there. I sit & give that box. my Ol’ Aussie Stare when no one’s around of course. However there’s all kinds of conversation & activity & I know that box will be gone soon & GrandSire will be returned to FLland to be reunited with GranDam so they will be Together Forever.

It is most disturbing to me that there are no plans for me to make this trip. I was a big part of GrandSire’s life, mostly since I can remember & certainly for the last 56K9Y. Mymi & my Aunti GMama agree FLland is not the most K9 friendly place on & I guess that conclusion is supported by my BFF Annie. & I kind of remember being booted out of the some surprising places during my stays in FLland.

Makes me sad that I can’t be included but I know my place. I’m Just A Dog. I’ll remain here in CA, loyal & loving & say my final farewells to GrandSire in the Box. OpalK9OTJ

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I been studyin’ up very carefully, doin’ my homework on this brand new-fangled, Up-to-Date, New & Improved Calculatin’ Machine that’s s’poseda solve somma hunanity’s most complex problems. S’backed by NASA & CIA Spooks. It costs alotta $. Operates at 459 degs below 0. & nobody knows zackly how it works. It’s called the Finity Machine.

With all that glowing description, it’s hard not to see the comparison between the Finity Machine & the Atom Bomb. Seems to have the same pedigree. Humans discover a buncha atoms. They don’t know zackly what to do with them so they decide to Smash ‘Em. They put lots Uber-Intelligent Researchers to work to build a bomb which they splode to mixed results. But that worked so well, they build great big, expensive Super Colliders & smash atoms against each other. That made a smaller, controlled slosion so they decide to smash more & see what else they could blow up. Or perhaps use this energy for other purposes. But nobody really knows how it works or what the cumulative results will be from 1 such splosion 50 or 100 HY later. On themselves or other species or Or what to do with the waste product or a whole lotta other what ifs they don’t care to speculate upon.

I’m not so sure some currently pressing issues need to be resolved with such sophisticated & speculative machines such as the Finity Machine. As presently pressing human issues seem to be running out of resources such as water & salt. I mean who knew water & salt resources were not limitless, renewable & sustainable. Who knew they weren’t placed on specifically for human consumption & profit? & who knew these would become so vital & important as a result of prior human activity? Who knew?

So I’m not all that positive & enthusiastic as to the human wisdom of the pursuit of yet another mind-boggling discovery that is the Answer to All Human Problems & Prayers. I wish humans would figure out how to co-exist on our Home Planet with all other critters sharing this space & sphere. & quit seeking Savior Miracles. Is the Finity Machine that good an idea when no one knows how it works & it costs sooooo much money? & what the negative short & long-term effects might be. Humans mighta benefitted from such speculation about the use of fossil fuels.

Just sayin’…still just a dog. OpalK9 OTJ,9171,2164806,00.html

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I gotta go for a ride in fthe rain last HW. On the only day it rained to any amount in months, Human Months. My new BFF, Golfernut, wanted to take us for a ride. Me n Mymi looked at each other & agreed . . . Why not?

They used my bathmats from Mymi’s n my Auto to make a MySpace for me in Golfernut’s vehicle & away we went up to the Foothils, tho to be sure, not up to where it snows! It was so fun riding along, looking out the window & watching the water rivulets grow into cricks & streams & well we didn’t get to the rivers but I’m sure they were growing.

It has been later reported that the rain brought our total water reserves from 17% to 25% which is a good thing. I still do not understand why it took until CA Officialdom until we only had only 17% of water remaining to declare State of Emergency. Even with the added water we’re still in Drought Situation. But that’s just me . . . Just a Dog.

We got out of the Auto in a place named NVCity which is an old town built on slant-wise streets which I am personally unaccustomed to. My neighborhood & community, MyTurf is flat. But I did my best to keep up while exploring & sniffing out todolly new terrain for me. It was interesting exploring new territory with the added plus of doing all this in the misty foggy rain. So fun. So new. So different.

We returned to the vehicle & proceeded on a homeward path. I was so warm & cozy in MySpace I didn’t even care that Mymi & Golfernut went into a Human Restaurant to eat. We were home soon enough & I got my evening kibble & Peanut Butter Pig Ear.

At home, we explored further uncharted territory on the TV machine by watching a show about Beetles. Heretofore, my familiarity with Beetles has been they are todally silent & scurry about on many legs. These Beetles seem to be far more sensational & long lasting than any Beetles within my Comfort Zone. They did a lotta singing & so did their friends. Mymi was singing along & jivving to the music which is not necessarily a pleasing sound to K9 ears. Certainly not like Elvis. But she seemed to enjoy it.

So now I am todolly down with being a Daytripper & Sunday Rider Too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my BFFs. OpalK9 OTJ

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